New Online Store Switch Over

Your Online Store configuration will be updated to utilize Doubleknot's new interface on INSERT DATE HERE.

You do not have to take any actions to complete the switch over. This will be performed by Doubleknot on the above date.

We will send another notification to let you know that the switch over has been completed. Once you've received this notice, we suggest you navigate to Store Management to acquaint yourself with the new Administrator screen.

Important Notes:

  • When the switch over is completed, all products will be converted to a standalone product. To create product families, you will need to create new Parent Products and then specify all related Child Products. You will be unable to convert a standalone to a Parent Product.

  • Post switch over, verify that your organization's customers can access your product catalog and complete a purchase.

Action Items Prior to Switch Over:

  • Review all categories currently in usage with your Onlne Store. Make sure that you create any and all categories required. All products in the new Online Store require a product to be specified.

  • Check your products to make sure that they are are aligned to the correct categories within the Online Store. 

  • Take time to consider all needed attributes required for the Online Store. Make sure to create attributes and attribute options that need to be assigned to your products. Make sure to create attributes and attribute options prior to revamping the products in your new Online Store. 

  • If you haven't already done so, please view the Online Store webinar by clicking on the button below.

Create a Product Family

All products will appear as a standalone after the switch over is completed.

Create a Parent Product and select the attribute types needed.

Create Child Products and specify the attribute options for each.

The Store front will show all child options as one listing with multiple options for selection.

If you need guidance in utilizing the new Online Store, please contact the Doubleknot support team.

Online Store Webinar/Training

  • New User Interface

  • Product Categories

  • Product Attributes

  • Inventory Management

Watch Recording