The Best in the Nation

Located on the Chesapeake Bay and boasting over a mile of shoreline, our aquatics program can’t be beat!  Did we mention that there are 3 aquatics areas:  the pool, the boat yard, and the sailing base!  Whether your testing your strength and endurance at the pool or boat yard or battling the wind and waves at the sailing base, an exciting aquatics adventure awaits everyone.  If you think you're a small boat sailing pro, check out High Performance Sailing and learn about sailboat racing while you challenge yourself on a Hobie Cat or Flying Scot.  

Lifesaving MB
Swimming MB
Swimming & Water Rescue BSA
Instructional Swimming
Mile Swim BSA
Night Swim
Polar Bear Swim
Snorkeling BSA
Open Swim

Canoeing MB
Kayaking MB
Rowing MB
Paddle Craft Safety BSA
Open Boating

Motorboating MB
Small-Boat Sailing MB
Water Sports MB
High Performance Sailing
Jetski Program
Leader Water Skiing
Leader Jetski
Rodney Regatta
Open Sailing
Open Tubing

H.A.S. - age 14+

Join other scouts for a five day cruise, anchoring each night in a new place. Explore the Chesapeake Bay and all it has to offer!

Arrive at Rodney Scout Reservation, in North East, MD, or Henson Scout Reservation, in Rhodesdale, MD, on Sunday where you’ll prepare for your trip. On Monday, you will train at our sailing base and then travel to the marina to meet the Captains and board the boat and prepare for your adventure. Trip itineraries are chosen by the crews with insight and advice from the Captains and First Mates. Scouts may visit the historic Ports of Call of Annapolis, Baltimore, St. Michaels or possibly even Norfolk. They may also choose to anchor off some islands in the bay or cosy inlets. Sail, swim, cook, eat, fish, and explore the Chesapeake Bay from your sailboat.

Each boat will consist of 5 crew members (Scouts only), a Captain, and a First Mate (a staff member or an adult leader). Scouts may have the opportunity to work towards the Small Boat Sailing, Oceanography, Motor Boating, Weather and/or Astronomy merit badges. Your crew will return to Rodney or Henson on Friday evening for a family dinner, campfire program and an opportunity to share your adventures with other Scouts!

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The First-Year Camper Program

Featured in Scouting Magazine, this program is aimed at the 11-year old Scout or newly crossed over Webelos Scout. It is designed to give a new Scout the basic camping skills he needs and will include many requirements for rank advancement for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class. In addition, the first year camper will visit and participate in most program areas in camp. There are merit badge opportunities in Swimming MB and Nature MB as well as Totin’ Chip, Firem’n Chit and Leave No Trace.


"On Belay"

Try out the climbing wall (aka Tower of Doom) to test your strength while hanging 40 feet in the air.  Not to worry, our trained staff will demonstrate all the proper techniques and even teach you some knots, commands, and climbing skills.  Once you've mastered getting to the top of the wall, remember to try rappelling down.

Climbing MB
Night Climbing (in the dark with headlamps & glow sticks)
Leader Climbing
Open Climbing


Where Creativity Grows

At Rodney we teach the skills of various merit badges for hobby interests or just for the fun of knowing how to make use of nature’s materials.  This program answers the creative urge to make something.  Materials and supplies are provided for ALL merit badge requirements.  Try one of the handicrafts merit badges and you could have a hobby for life.

Art MB
Basketry MB
Graphic Arts MB
Leatherwork MB
Pottery MB
Sculpture MB
Wood Carving MB

Leader Belts
Tie Dyeing
Wood Burning

Get Out, Get Fit and Stay Safe

Are you the penultimate athlete or just looking to learn a new sporting hobby?  Maybe you are looking for a chance to prepare yourself for what life may throw your way.  Opportunities abound in our Health & Fitness area.  Golf at Chesapeak Bay Country Club; mountain bike all over our own Bull Mountain on its challenging trails.  The additional programs offer other advancement opportunities for the older Scouts or those looking for a challenge.  The extreme mountain bikers can challenge themselves by participating in the Monster Bike activity, which will take them on a long, scenic trail ride out of camp and back.  The Iron Man is your Troop's chance to take on other Troops in a team activity challenge around camp.

Athletics MB
Cycling MB
Emergency Preparedness MB
First Aid MB

Golf MB
Personal Fitness MB
Safety MB
Search & Rescue MB
Iron Man
Monster Bike

Nature, Ecology, Science & Technology done the Rodney Way

The nature program is a favorite of Rodney summer campers.  From the Bull Mountain Wilderness area to the Dismal Swamp, from the Chesapeake Bay to the North East River, come and explore the beautiful and varied wildlife, flora and fauna of our nationally recognized program.   Our Bull Mountain Wilderness Area was set aside in 1963 to be held forever wild, and serves as an area to observe animals close at hand, and for hiking and merit badge study.  Besides a full range of nature/ecology merit badges, the nature area also offers additional programs such as troop naturalist, brown bag nature program, and conservation projects.  Be sure to visit Dill Hall to see the many turtles, fish, snakes, and frogs from right here at camp!  Feeling adventurous... the bay hike will allow you to see the camp from the Chesapeake Bay and view its natural surroundings and maybe even see a bald eagle or two!

Archeology MB
Astronomy MB
Bird Study MB
Chess MB
Digital Technology MB
Electricity MB
Electronics MB
Engineering MB
Environmental Science MB

Fish & Wildlife Management MB
Fishing MB
Forestry MB
Geology MB
Insect Study MB
Mammal Study MB
Moviemaking MB
Nature MB
Nuclear Science MB
Oceanography MB
Photography MB
Pulp & Paper MB
Radio MB
Reptile & Amphibian Study MB
Robotics MB
Soil & Water Conservation MB
Space Exploration MB
Weather MB
Bay Hike
Conservation Projects
Troop Naturalist

The Heart of Scouting

The skills that have long set Scouting apart from other youth programs are highlighted here.  It’s been said the way to judge a Scout camp is by its Scoutcraft Program, which is not limited to just merit badge-based instruction.

Camping MB
Citizenship in the World MB
Communications MB

Cooking MB
Geocaching MB
Orienteering MB
Pioneering MB
Wilderness Survival MB

Leave No Trace
Cooking Mega Event
Paul Bunyan Woodsman
Firem'n Chit
Totin' Chip
Nighttime Orienteering
Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

The Advanced Camper Experience

As the name implies, it truly is an Advanced Camper Experience.  We like to describe the program as a mesh of advanced wilderness survival and the 'best parts' of other program areas.  Some activities from program over the last few summers include:  building snares, baking potatoes in clay from the bay, edible plants of Rodney tour, a wilderness overnight experience, making tea from scratch in the woods, tomahawk throwing, target shooting with paintball markers, hiking in Elk Neck state park, making hammocks, slack lining, and the list goes on.  This year we are adding Crate Stacking, Paddleboarding and Drones to the mix.  In this highly adaptable program the list is ever changing to meet the needs of older Scouts.  It is an experience that will make any Jack an Ace!

Accuracy is the Key

Rodney is home to three ranges where Scouts can experience the thrill of rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, or archery.  Whether you're a beginner or an avid marksman, the ranges are great places to stop by to receive basic instruction and test your skills.

Archery MB
Rifle Shooting MB
Shotgun Shooting MB
Open Shoot