Due to COVID-19, all in-person camp sessions have been cancelled including Summer Camp, Cub Camp, Webelos Week in the Woods, Family Camp, Brownsea-22, National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT), and Merit Badge Adventure Camp.

We are offering 100% refunds to everyone who made camp deposits for summer 2020. Existing deposits can be applied to Cyber Summer Camp.

Please contact the Great Southwest Council for more information regarding these cancellations and refunds.


Above: Scouts from three troops become new friends at camp

Above: Atop our 40 foot tall climbing tower with a view of the lodge

Above: Our gorgeous half-Olympic sized pool



Above: ATV Adventure program

Above: S'mores time!

Above: Space Exploration Merit Badge launching a rocket at our parade field

Above: C.O.P.E. program high ropes course

Above: Scouts working on First Aid and Emergency Preparedness Merit Badges

Above: Adult leaders having fun playing a game of Gaga Ball

Above: Outdoor movie night at our lodge

Above: Council Klondike (winter camping) event - we loved seeing these four girls troops! 



Above: Scouts during the Brownsea-22 program.

Above: Tiger Scouts perform a skit at an evening campfire during Cub Camp

Above: Canvas tent in a campsite


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Registration is Now Open for Gorham Scout Ranch's 2020 Cyber Summer Camp!


Thank you for choosing Gorham Scout Ranch’s Cyber Summer Camp! While we cannot be together in person we are excited to offer this virtual program as a nationally accredited camp (NCAP). 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns at, we are happy to help!

— Gorham Scout Ranch Leadership

Cyber Summer Camp Dates:

Newly added session 5! July 13-17!

Cyber Summer Camp Fees:

Scouts are invited to attend multiple weeks of camp! The initial registration fee of $70 ($65 if registering with a troop) includes 4 merit badge classes, a t-shirt*, patch*, cyber chip, virtual campfire and evening programs, virtual honor troop program, virtual scoutmaster merit badge, and access to counselors to sign off any previously started, incomplete merit badges a Scout has finished.

*Once normal Council and state operations resume, t-shirts and patches will be arranged for pickup with each troop’s Scoutmaster. Out of Council Troops will have an additional fee to cover the cost of shipping. Adults may purchase a t-shirt and patch for $20 in Tentaroo.

†Troop rates will be discounted manually in Tentaroo after the troop is initially registered. Troops must have at least one Scoutmaster registered. The discount will apply by the Thursday before your troop's session. Email or call the Camp Director ( for any issues or questions regarding the discount.


2020 Merit Badges Offered

Each registration fee includes 4 Merit Badges. Pick one class from time period.

Weekly Schedule

Our weekly schedule mirrors life at camp and also allows for you to get outside in a socially distant way!

Forms & Guides:

The 2020 Cyber Summer Leaders Guide linked below outlines our camp policies, merit badge programs, our daily schedule, and more! We hope this helps answer your questions and adds some fun to your summer. 

**** 2020 Cyber Summer Camp Leaders Guide (<-CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) ****

Scouts BSA Campership Application and Instructions (click to download)


How to Register:

Visit and either log into your units existing account (if you have used our Tentaroo to register for camp in the past) or create a new account for your unit or Scout.
For detailed steps and more information on how to use Tentaroo to register your unit or Scout, please click here. This link also includes a section on how to download your blue cards and requirement summaries once your week has concluded.

Additional Week Discount Rate:

Due to current technical difficulties with Tentaroo, additional week rates, which should be discounted to $25 (instead of the first week rate of $70) is not auto applying. To resolve the issue, we are manually adjusting the additional week rate. When checking out of Tentaroo, only pay $25/scout for each additional week of Cyber Summer. To minimize the effect of this problem, we are monitoring Tentaroo closely, and will adjust rates within a few hours. If your rate does not reduce within 24 hours, please email We apologize for this inconvenience.

Technology and Supplies:

Gorham Scout Ranch is committed to providing a program that all scouts can access and engage with. Because of this, we have put extensive consideration on how to format our camp affordably and with available resources in most homes. As this program will utilize Google Classrooms and Zoom, Scouts will need access to a device with internet capabilities. This can be a computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Scouts can call into Zoom with a family phone, or log on without video, but will need a camera (can be a smart phone) for certain merit badges where building or showing things for requirements are needed. Additionally, we recommend your scouts have a writing utensil and paper ready for merit badge instruction, just like at in-person camp.

If your scout or a scout in your troop does not have access to any of these, we recommend working with your troop to facilitate every scout's access. Many public institutions such as schools and libraries are offering loaner technology as well. It is our goal to ensure every scout can have a Scouting adventure this summer and we are happy to help facilitate this. To explore further options, please reach out to Camp Director Jarod Peterman (


Reservation Policy:

Units who made a reservation for in-person camping are eligible for a full 100% refund. Registration for each week’s program closes the Sunday before the program starts (program begins on Monday of each week).


Payment Schedule:

Camp fee payments for cyber camp are due the Friday before the session begins. For example, Week 1 begins on Monday, 6/15, payment is due Friday, 6/12.


Making a Change to a Reservation:

Make changes to your reservation in writing. Include the unit number, reservation number, changes requested, name of person requesting the change and phone number. It is necessary to have changes in writing to ensure that your reservation is correct. Email to: Camp Director Jarod Peterman at or Mail to:

Great Southwest Council, BSA

Attn: Caryl Sharpe

5841 Office Blvd NE

Albuquerque NM 87109


Refund Policy:

Planning and purchasing for camp happens long before camp begins. Consequently, refunds are made as follows:

· Cancellations on or before June 8: all fees paid.

· Between June 9 and June 12, all fees paid, less $35 per Scout deposit are transferable.

· After June 12, no refunds are made unless the one of the following is met:

1. Family moves out of the Great Southwest Council.

2. There is a death or serious illness in immediate family.

3. The individual becomes ill and is unable to attend camp.

· No refunds will be made within three days of camp.

· Refund requests received after camp, or for “no shows,” will NOT be honored.


If a refund is granted, it will be for fees paid after non-refundable unit and individual deposits are deducted. Refund checks are mailed by early November and will be made out to the Troop and sent to the unit leader, if registered as a troop. Refunds will be issued to the registering adult of individual scouts.


Requesting a Refund:

Units may request a refund using the refund request form found at the end of the Leader's Guide. If your refund request is earlier than two weeks prior to camp, submit this form to the Council Office. If your refund request is within 2 weeks of program, submit the refund request form to the camp director. Please list the specific reasons for each scout.


Meet Our Leadership Team!

Left to right: Jarod, Camp Director, Hyunju, Program Director  


Insun, Cyber Director, Gus, Cyber Director  



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Be sure to read our 2020 Cyber Summer Camp Leaders Guide for more information (click to download)

Have something else you'd like to ask/add? Send us an email at



If we register as a troop, do all scouts have to attend the same week? 

The following answer only applies if you are looking to get the $5/scout discount: No, your troop will not have register your youth for the same week, but all youth registrations will have to be done through the troop's Tentaroo account. The troop's account can register for multiple weeks by going back to the Events page and clicking on as many of the weeks your troop needs. Additionally, make sure you have an adult registered for each week. If you are not going for the discount, any and all scouts are welcome to register independently.

If we register as a troop, do we pay as a troop or as individuals?

The following answer only applies if you are looking to get the $5/scout discount: Your troop will have to pay the balance, but of course your troop can collect fees from parents. Additionally, at least one adult must be registered with the unit for each week of program (adult registration is free) and the $5 discount will apply after you have registered, because we have to manually adjust it. This is also true with the $25 additional week rate, so if any of your scouts are registering for multiple weeks, please let them know that their second (third, etc) week will be discounted after they register. If you are not going for the discount, any and all scouts are welcome to register and pay independently.

How do I apply the additional week discount rate?

Due to current technical difficulties with Tentaroo, additional week rates, which should be discounted to $25 (instead of the first week rate of $70) is not auto applying. To resolve the issue, we are manually adjusting the additional week rate. When checking out of Tentaroo, only pay $25/scout for each additional week of Cyber Summer. To minimize the effect of this problem, we are monitoring Tentaroo closely, and will adjust rates within a few hours. If your rate does not reduce within 24 hours, please email We apologize for this inconvenience.

Can we use the deposit money we received back from the regular Gorham cancellation?

Yes, your regular camp deposit can go to this registration. We will have to work with council on this but as long as you have not already requested a refund or informed council with other request for use of those funds. If you had made a deposit for in-person 2020 Gorham Scout Ranch, and are NOT doing a cyber camp, the Great Southwest Council is offering a 100% refund.

How will In-Council pickup work?

Once operations of the Great Southwest Council resume, we will be bundling all 2020 t-shirt, 2020 patch, Cyber Chips, and additional trading post merchandise by troop. These will be arranged for pick-up by each respective Scoutmaster to distribute to their troop. In-Council units may request their items be shipped but will be charged the cost.

How will Out-of-Council shipping work?

The Great Southwest Council will ship your ordered products, including the 2020 T-shirt, 2020 patch, and additional trading post merchandise to your specified address. Our office will call you to charge shipping and let you know the date the package is being shipped. 



How will I get information on attending classes?

A few days before the session begins, we will email out links to all instructional sessions and the invitation for Google Classrooms.

If a scout already has completed a partial of the MB, do they need to sit through all 4 sessions? I realize the answer may depend on which requirements are already signed off. 

The merit badge program will be worked on and reviewed throughout the week, similar to if a Scout were to take the class in person. If the Scout would like to take the class, then we encourage them to work on all 4 days of the class since each class is being provided by different counselors. We alternatively are offering to sign-off requirements if a Scout has completed the requirements with proof of photos or a note from the Scoutmaster.  

Similarly, if a scout signs up for a week, but doesn't want to do all 4 MB's do they have to still attend those sessions?  

If a Scout only wants to take, say 3 merit badges, they are welcome to do that, however it will be a flat fee of $70 (or $65 if registering with the troop) and $25 for subsequent weeks. If your scout has scheduling conflicts with other activities that takes up one or more merit badge sessions, we encourage you to reach out to Gorham Leadership for options in splitting program between sessions.

It seems like I have to decide now if my scout should do 1, 2, 3, or all 4 weeks. Aside from the $$, if a scout signs up for all 4 weeks, but only does one, are there negative impacts? Is there a limit to the # of scouts for each week/MB session? So could my scout do week 1, find they are enjoying it and sign up for another week then? 

 A Scout is invited to work on as many weeks of camp that they want whether it be 1, 2, 3, or all 4! You can sign up all at once, or register later on. Registration closes the Sunday (day before) the session- the sessions all begin on Mondays. If a Scout registers for 4, but only attends 1, that's outlined in the refunds portion of the Leaders Guide document which is processed through the Great Southwest Council. If there is no communication however of cancellation, that would count as a "no show" and would be non-refundable.



For the adult "attending," what is required of them? 

Nothing is required of the registered adult. It is simply an additional means of the troop's supervision of the program. We will be sending out the links to all classes and program to the registered adult so they can hop in on classes or program, if they desire. Additionally, we have an adult chat section and leader meetings to check in with troops, as well as a fun patch all registered adults can earn. 



How will you be ensuring Youth Protection Training (YPT) is being met?

As far as YPT goes, this is something that National has addressed in virtual National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP) and in cyber seminars that our camp staff have attended in the last couple months. We will be providing 2 counselors / Zoom session. We staggered our class load in order to enable that. We are also inviting volunteers, adults, and anyone with a valid YPT certificate to attend these classes. Adults may register in Tentaroo which is free. We have outlined these protocols in our leaders guide which you can find at As a council-associated camp, we are able to record our classes with the waiver included in our Leader's Guide that enables scouts and parents to submit their photos to the camp for us to share with the class. For guests who will be acting as guest speakers (a number of these more learning-based badges have this requirement like American business) we have an email checklist of everything they need to complete in order to participate including YPT.

Does this count as attending Gorham for the purposes of becoming a partnership unit for the year?

Yes, this does count as going to Gorham for qualifying, but this program does not offer the rebate benefit of being a partnership unit. Please confirm your registration with the Great Southwest Council to ensure it's tracked.

What is the honor troop? I've seen the term, but I'm unfamiliar with it.

Honor Troop is a program that is offered in-person at Gorham that encourages a troop to participate in volunteering, campfires, meals, service projects, and other camp programs. The virtual Honor Troop will have Scouts working together to do good turns, participate, and a few other fun activities. The reward is a rocker patch to accompany the 2020 camp patch.


Gorham Scout Ranch, formerly Camp Frank Rand and Chimayo Scout Reservation, was established in 1972 as a center for outdoor skills training, high adventure, and FUN! Our camp is located on 2,650 acres of high-desert beauty in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico in addition to being a nationally accredited camp (NCAP). The rolling hills of piñon, ponderosa, and juniper will captivate the mind and enchant the spirit.

Somewhere,  someplace, sometime in the maze of schedules, the rush of activity, the intensity of excitement, and the attention to duty, come moments of deep value and lasting impressions in the camping experience. These values and experiences are not written into the program, and they cannot be given a money back guarantee because they are priceless.

We, as camp staff and Scout leaders, have the role and duty to help each other establish the tone within the program and help to create an atmosphere that will result in meaningful camping experience for the Scouts entrusted to our care. It is the commitment of our staff to help you and your Scouts experience the adventure that is Scouting, and to do such in our beautiful great outdoors.

Last summer, Gorham Scout Ranch opened our Cowboy Action Shooting Range. This program joins ATV Adventure and the COPE program as part of the offerings available for older Scouts coming to camp.

We are most excited to again host Boy and Girl Troops for the coming summers. Our program and facilities are ready for all future Eagle Scouts to attend Gorham Scout Ranch.


Are you curious what other Scouts and Leaders thought of their experience at Gorham Scout Ranch in 2019?

Check out this informative chart: 

2019 Camp Appraisal Data

"Loved the attitude of the staff - 'how can we help?', no defensiveness, no negatives, just greatness!" ~Troop 205



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