Welcome to the property reservations calendar for Girl Scouts of Northern California!
New this year: In effort to help more girls feel comfortable getting outdoors, our council has made significant improvements to our camp properties. This results in an increase in our rental rates. In addition, we have added cleaning deposits to all groups per reservation order. 
Rental Periods:

Bothin, Butano Creek, Hidden Falls, Skylark Ranch & Sugar Pine - 22 Hour Rental Periods (4pm to 2pm)
Arequipa, Ida Smith, Rainbow's End & A Girl's Place - have 3 different rental periods:

  1. Day - 10am to 4pm
  2. Night - 5pm to 9:30am
  3. Night/Day - 5pm to 4pm
To check site availability:
  1. Select a site from the list of properties/rental periods below
  2. Select a specific asset you wish to book from the list or entire site option if available (for sites with a single asset, please select it again)
  3. View the available dates
  4. Click on the available date you want to reserve followed by the end date you wish to check-out.
  5. Move forward to finalize your reservation

Ropes/Archery: In order for our Outdoor Program Department to assign instructors properly for these courses, reservations must be made 28 days prior to your interested date. If you are searching within 28 days of your interested date, unfortunately, the reservation will not be available.

Not Available
Available for Departure