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Spring 2014

New Programs This Summer for Cub Scout Camping 

Camp Cards are Here

Scouting, A Limitless Passion

Derby Days

How You Can Bring Scouting to a Kid 

Scouts Lend A Helping Hand

Let's Help the Washington Community 

Keep Kids Healthy--Made Easy

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New Programs This Summer for Cub Scout Camping!

By Jonathan Cartner, Program Director

Program Planning

The start of the spring season marks a significant time in the Scouting calendar.  Schools are finishing up and the summer camp season is almost upon us.  At the May roundtables your district leadership will be handing out our 2014-2015 Program Guides and Calendars to support your units program planning process.  This is an important step in getting your 2014-2015 program year off to a solid start.  Do you have all your unit leadership in place? Have you put together an annual budget? Do you have a calendar together?  These are all questions to be answered during a planning session and the resources to help make this process simple will be available in May.  Head to your district Program Planning Kick-off to get your year off to a great start:


          Crossroads District: Bloomington Moose Lodge

          Doors open 6:30

          Heartland District: Concordia Lutheran School-Gym, Peoria

          6:30pm start time

           Wotamalo: Mineral Springs Park, Pekin

            7:00 start time

           Lowaneu: 1st Congregational Church, Peru

           Doors open at 6:30


Scouts, start your engines! Come join us for an overnight adventure at Kartville in West Peoria. Scouts and their parent/guardians will arrive in the evening, set up camp and enjoy some campsite games. After dark enjoy a "crackerbarrel" snack before lights out.

Choose from one of three Sessions:

            April 11-12

            April 25-26

            May 16-17

The next morning enjoy two hours of unlimited go-kart rides, mini golf, and batting cages at Kartville in West Peoria. This activity is fun for the whole pack, troop, or family. Fill out the information on the back and return to W. D. Boyce Council at 614 NE Madison, Peoria IL 61603.

Click HERE to download your registration form.  


Have you heard of STEM yet?

STEM, a Science Technology Engineering and Math is an initiative to get kids interested in these particular fields of education.  The Boy Scouts of America have developed the NOVA awards to help teach scouts about STEM with fun and interactive awards.

Details about these awards can be found by going to www.scouting.org/stem

The W. D. Boyce Council will be hosting a STEM Experience Camp an overnight event open to Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in the W. D. Boyce Council.  This event will begin at 5:00pm on May 9th and conclude Noon on May 10th. In partnership with the Peoria Riverfront Museum scouts attending will get opportunities to participate in a wide variety of programs.  *Space is limited* so be sure to register soon. 

Click HERE to download the registration form. 

Scouts attending will get to look forward to lots of great activities, planetarium show, Giant Screen Movie, and will get to take home a telescope that built!


Baseball Partnerships

For its One…Two…Three Strikes you’re out….


Days get longer, temperatures rise, the smell of hot dogs and hamburgers linger in the air and the baseball season starts.  This summer there are plenty of opportunities for your Cub Scout Pack to enjoy a day at the ball pack.  Locally the Peoria Chiefs and Cornbelters are hosting Scout days offering great seats, hotdogs and soda, campouts on the field, and movies on the big screen.  What a great opportunity to keep your scouts active over the summer break.  Here are the dates to look forward to for your favorite team. 

Chicago White Sox- May 31st

Peoria Chiefs- June 13th

St. Louis Cardinals- June 22nd 

Normal Cornbelters- July 26th

Chicago Cubs- August 12th

Camp Cards Are Here!

Written By Brooke Young, Videography By: Stephanie Kowalczyk

Camp Cards have arrived to relieve our pockets of the economical strain. So, what are camp cards?Sold for $15.00 each, Camp Cards have multiple food, service and entertainment discounts for the customer to use throughout the year with over a $50 value in discounts. By purchasing a Camp Card, you aid in funding the 2014 Camp programs for Scout units. Allow the Scouts to tell you about the benefits of purchasing your Camp Card today:



Get your Camp Card today from your local Scout or online at our website

Scouting, A Limitless Passion

By: Brooke Young, Marketing Intern

Scouting, for many, has transcended from a passion, to the catalyst for lifestyle changes. For Brian D. Lakemper, through the assistance of the familial unit he was able to build outside at the Boy Scouts, he has shown that dreams really do come true.  Brian D. Lakemper is an exceptional young man and proud example of what the support of friends, family and Boy Scouts of America can do for a young man. At an early age Brian was diagnosed with autism, but he didn't let that hinder him from excelling and reaching new heights. Brian has achieved badges in numerous areas while with the Boy Scouts of America: Two science Super Nova badges, one for Bugeling, Rail Roading, Search and Rescue, Incident commander, and safety supernova and communication. Boy Scouts has shown Brian that you can learn great life, survival, and moral values if all you do is believe in yourself. Thus, he has learned the importance of citizenship and to have faith in himself despite all odds.



South-West Kiwanis Club of Peoria Brings Derby Days to ScoutREACH!

By Carol Chacon, Director of ScoutREACH

Many promising minority children who reside in under-served Peoria and Bloomington neighborhoods are at-risk.  The disintegration of the family, rampant drug use, gangs and extreme violence are at-risk factors that work against their chances of someday becoming productive, contributing members to society.  ScoutREACH and the South-West Kiwanis are working to bring a semblance of normalcy to these youth through the widely anticipated Pine Wood Derby!




The South-West Kiwanis Club of Peoria and ScoutREACH are bringing Nascar to each of the 17 ScoutREACH sites in Peoria and 15 sites in Bloomington.   The ScoutREACH Pine Wood Derby Races are held in local churches, community centers and elementary schools. The boys sand, paint, and prepare their cars in anticipation of the big Derby Day Race.  The Scouts eagerly await revealing their hard work and craftsmanship to their parents and pears, in hopes of winning the coveted 2014 first place trophy!  

As you entered the Derby area, laughter fills the air reminding parents, administrators and staff alike, of the importance of the ScoutREACH program. Not only are the scouts able to compete against one another, there is a sense of camaraderie and a lesson in great sportsmanship. 


Thank you South-West Kiwanis and Community Partners for your support and bringing so many smiles to our ScoutREACH youth!  


How You Can Bring Scouting to A Kid

By Brian Uhlenhopp, Director of Development

Kids need meaningful experiences, families need support, and Peoria needs future leaders.  This is what the $155,000 Family Friends of Scouting Campaign invests in:  Experiences, Family Support, and Future Leaders!


The Annual Family Friends of Scouting Campaign is made up entirely up parents and local leaders who also give of their time.  To date the campaign has raised $74,983 – 47% of goal.



You can ensure all kids have access to the same Scouting programs which have benefited your son.   Regional Scouting invests $260 for each of the 19,000 kids served in the local 14 counties.  Go online today and do what you can  to invest in future leaders. For more information, click HERE


Keeping Kids Healthy---Made Easy!

By Brian Uhlenhoop, Development Director

 SCOUTING Steam is back for 2014!

 This program will give youth in grades 6-12th and their parents the  opportunity

 to train for the community event - The Steamboat Classic. Scouting Steam is

 an eleven week program of Fitness, Friendship, and Fun to help youth  prepare

 for the Steamboat Classic 4-mile race held in June. Trained volunteers and

 participants will work in small teams with warm ups, stretching, and lots of

 practice. We will start slowly and easily, to get more fit, make some friends,

 and have fun as the group prepares together for the trip to the finish line.

 This program is also open to ALL BOY SCOUTS, VENTURERS and  EXPLORERS that are looking for healthy activity.


 Scouting Steam starts soon in April and there are two locations to  participate at; Mondays in Morton and Wednesday in Peoria.


 Go online to register today!  http://www.wdboyce.org/about-us/programs/scouting-steam/30297



Scouts Lend A Helping Hand in Washington

By: Brooke Young, Marketing Intern

 Branching two worlds into one, Central Illinois Scouts  welcome their brothers from the Southern Chicago Suburbs  Councils on March 29th.  Local Scouts receive a helping  hand from 150 Chicago-Area Scouts as they collectively  assist in efforts to clear fields of debris remaining from the  November tornados in Washington, IL. A large portion of  the families affected by the catastrophic tornados belonged  to a Scouting Troop in the Washington area; naturally when  there news broke about the quickly approaching farming  season and desperate need for clear fields local Scouts did  not hesitate to aid in the clean up efforts; especially since Washington, IL Scouts who were affected by the storms performed over 10,000 service hours in the months of November and December alone.

In response to the immense amount of support from local scouts, Tazewell County wanted to ensure area scouts will still be able to remain active in normal Scouting activities such as summer camp. For more information about the important work Scouts are doing in the area and ways to ease their financial burden of attending camp or other Scouting activities contact one of the Scout representatives below:

Dave Osborn, volunteer District Chair for the Tazewell Boy Scouts (309-369-3034)     

Let's Help the Washington Community--What Can You Do in April?

As it is warming up, the needs of Washington Community are becoming more clear.  NOW is a perfect time to volunteer.  NOW is a perfect time to teach your son what it means to be part of a community.  NOW is the right time to make a difference.


Join the community and other Scouts on April 26th for a clean up day.


Attend as a Troop, Pack, Den, Patrol as a parent and son.

Aloha, Mike!

I am pleased to announce the selection of Michael Fifhause as Aloha Council's Director of Field Service and Chief Operating Officer effective May 1.  Mike, Lyndzie and the girls are moving to Hawaii!


Mike's service to our W.D. Boyce Council has been above and beyond call for the past 13 years.  Mike started as the first Marketing Specialist for our council.  From there Mike moved to District Executive, Senior District Executive, Finance Director and Director of Development. 


Mike and Lyndzies commitment to our  W.D. Boyce Council helped ensure we achieved Quality Council/JTE Gold every year during his professional tenure with us. As Director of Field Service, Mike will lead the field team as they support and expand Scouting across Aloha's 12 districts and the outreach division.  He will also give leadership to a number of council committees and programs and will serve as a member of the Scout Executive’s Cabinet. 


Please join us in extending congratulations to Mike and Lyndzie along with their daughters Addison and Chloe. 



Brian Uhlenhoop Transitions

 I am pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Uhlenhopp  to the position of Development Director.  Brian returns to his  previous position in the Development Department to ensure our  successful financial support of Scouts.Brian will be responsible  for the D.C.A.D; golf outing, Pekin Lawn Social, Peoria  Community campaigns, Princeton founders patrol, among other  council development responsibilities. Brian has been with our W.  D. Boyce Council for 3 years since arriving from the  Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota Council.  While with our council  Brian has secured nearly $3 million dollars to support our Scouts  and council. Brian moving back to the Development team allows  us to continue to place emphasis on unit service.





Welcome Our New Team Members!

Welcome Back, Greg!

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Brownfield as the new Chief Operating Officer (otherwise known as Director of Field Service) for the W. D. Boyce Council as of April 1st.   Greg comes back to  Peoria after successfully serving as Director of Field Service in the Great Lakes Field Service Council of the Michigan Crossroads Council. Prior to the DFS position Greg was a member of the Daniel Beard Council in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In Cincinnati Greg served as a District Director and Field Director for 7 years. Greg began his professional scouting career in our W. D. Boyce Council serving as Camp Director at ISR, District Executive and Senior District Executive.  Greg is an ISU graduate with a B.S. in Education and a B.S. in Political Science. Please welcome Greg, his wife Teri, daughters Bethany and Ellie along with sons Lucas and Joseph to our W. D. Boyce family.

Thanks for Coming On Board, Veronica!


My name is Veronica Frontone and I am the new ScoutREACH Unit Serving Executive for the Boy Scouts in America in the Bloomington-Normal area. I grew up in Waukegan, Illinois just minutes away from Waukegan Beach on Lake Michigan. After attending a Community College, I attended Illinois State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work Degree in 2013. I met my husband in college, got married, and decided to stay in central Illinois because we both love it here. In the past I have worked for Western Avenue Community Center in Bloomington, IL and for Mclean County Unit 5 Schools. I am thrilled to start serving as the new ScoutREACH Unit Serving Executive and hope to do great things in the community for the youth and families. 


Welcome to W.D. Boyce, Brittany!

Hello All! 

 I’m Brittany Dunleavy, and I was born and raised in  Antioch, Illinois which is about a stone’s throw away from  the Wisconsin border. I graduated from Western Illinois  University with a degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism  Administration in 2010. For the last two years I have been  serving as the USE in Crossroads for ScoutREACH. I have  been working with inner-city youth in Bloomington-  Normal in after- school programs, and community based  programs to serve at- risk and low income youth. I have  recently moved from Bloomington to Peoria to serve the  Heartland Sub- Two district. I am excited about my move  to Peoria, and to continue to serve the volunteers and  families in the Heartland District! 







Thanks for Joining Us, Katie!

Growing up in Monmouth Illinois with my two sisters, Kathy and Christi Jo and parents Mike and Susie was a wild adventure and only prepared me even more for the real world.  After college at WIU in Macomb Illinois I moved straight to Des Moines Iowa where I worked at the Embassy Suites as a Catering and Sales Manager.  After 2 years I transferred to help open the new Embassy Suites in East Peoria and to be closer to family.   It was there that I got to know the Boy Scouts as I helped put on their events at the hotel.   After 6 years with Embassy Suites I was ready for a  change and went to work for Rita Kress in Brimfield as an event planner  and fundraiser for many of the organizations that she was involved in.   One of the events that I was a part of was the Distinguished Citizens Awards Dinner which was put on by the Boy Scouts.   All roads lead to the Boy Scouts and I am now proud to be on their team as their Associate Development Director.  I am so happy to be a part of such an awesome organization that prepares our youth for their future.



Wotamalo Welcomes A New Team Member--Kim!

My name is Kimberly Morrison.  I was born and raised in Glenview, Illinois; where I lived until I came to Peoria to attend Bradley University in 2009. I am the second of four children. I have an older brother Rick (24) and younger siblings Kevin (19) and Courtney (15).  I was the Quality and Safety intern at Supply Chain Services and Solutions for the last 2 years, working closely with their HR and Marketing departments. Although reading books and writing papers have been my life for the past 5 years I am no stranger to Scouting and the benefits a program like the Boy Scouts has to offer. As a child I spent my summers in Freemont, Michigan at Camp Echo sponsored by the McGaw YMCA based in Evanston, Il. Through their amazing programs, as I got older I was able to spend from two weeks - a month in places like the Rocky Mountains, North Cascades National Park, WA, Desolation Sound, BC., and Kachemak Bay, AK. I will be graduating from Bradley in May of 2014 with degrees in Public Relations & Spanish and a minor in Political Science, and then I will be serving the W.D. Boyce Council as the full time Unit Serving Executive for Wotamalo District. I am excited to start working with all the Troops & Packs and to see what we can accomplish together!


Camp's On the Way 

By Kevin Cook


Spring has sprung and the W. D. Boyce Council is in full swing getting ready for your 2014 summer camp season.  Click the images below for more information on our Cub Scout and Boy Scout Camping Programs.  You will find registration forms, Merit Badge Schedules, what to expect, and so much more…




Get Ready for Camp

By: Brooke Young, Marketing Intern

Preparing for camp is exciting and petrifying at the same time! What do I bring? How much of a certain item do I pack? Where should I purchase all of these quality items at an affordable price? Well the W.D. Boyce Scout Shop has heard your cries for assistance with preparing for camp and are ready to help! On May 10th from 9AM-1PM the shop will be sponsoring, Get Ready for Camp is an annual event hosted by the Scout Shop. The event will include stations that teach Scouts about different tecniques they will need for camping. For example, some of the stations include:

Knot tying

First Aid

How to pack a backpack 

And so many more fun and exciting stations!

Stay tuned, as more information becomes available it will be posted to the W.D. Boyce Scout Shop.


Council Contacts

If you have any questions about Scouting, at any time, please feel free to contact any of the executives in your area.
(All phone numbers are 309 area code unless otherwise stated.)

Crossroads District 

Lowaneu District

Heartland District

Wotamalo District

Michael Charlesworth

828-6983 ext. 205
Unit Serving Executive
Supporting Southern McLean, Logan, and Dewitt Counties

David Haddad

Unit Serving Executive
Supporting Bureau, Putnam, LaSalle, and Eastern Marshall Counties

Kristin Krzemiski

673-6136 ext. 123

Unit Serving Executive Supporting Northern Peoria/Southern Marshall Counties 

, Kim Morrison


Unit Serving Executive
Supporting Bureau, Putnam, LaSalle, and Eastern Marshall Counties

Carl Ganz

828-6983 ext. 204
Unit serving executive supporting northern McLean, Ford, and Livingston Counties


Brittany Dunleavy

673-6136 ext. 122
Unit Serving Executive Southwestern Peoria County, Fulton, and Southern Mason Counties









Carol Chacon
673-6136 ext. 117
Director of ScoutREACH
Supporting Bloomington and Peoria ScoutREACH





Veronica Frontone
828-6983 ext. 206
Unit Serving Executive Supporting Bloomington ScoutREACH




Development Director

Brian Uhlenhopp

673-6136 ext. 112
Development Director


Andrew Dilliner

828-6983 ext. 207
Development Director

Katie Broadhurst

673-6184 ext. 135
Associate Development Director 

Director of Operations

The W. D. Boyce Council has two Director of Operations; each supports the Unit Serving Executives.

Greg Brownfield
673-6136 ext. 124
Director of Field Service
Supporting Heartland and Wotamalo Districts

Kevin Cook
828-6983 ext. 203
Director of Operations
Supporting Crossroads and Lowaneu Districts