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The Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum, manages camp & event registrations, group visit and birthday party reservations and collects payment anywhere with Doubleknot.

Client Case Studies and Success Stories

Doubleknot's integrated solutions for registrations, reservations, membership management, ticketing, admissions and online donations help our clients focus on what really matters: delivering their mission. The following case studies and success stories represent just a few of our satisfied clients.

Zoos and Aquariums

Sales Station helped us collect a lot of money in a much easier way than we would have in the past. We look forward to using Sales Station again.

–Houston Zoo

We would definitely recommend Doubleknot to other organizations.

–Kansas City Zoo

Everyone is happy with Doubleknot.

–Zoo Atlanta

I would definitely recommend Doubleknot’s event management and checkin solutions to other AZA organizations.

–Utah's Hogle Zoo

Museums, Science Centers and Historical Sites

The Doubleknot team was patient, understanding and supportive in making sure that we could meet our needs. We're very pleased with Doubleknot.

–The Magic House, St. Louis Children’s Museum

[Doubleknot] understands group bookings much better than Altru. We are very happy with Doubleknot. It does everything that Altru does, and some things quite a bit better.

–Nevada Northern Railway Museum

I recommend Doubleknot for nonprofits that have multiple functions like event management, admissions and gift shop sales. That’s a lot to ask from a system and Doubleknot is good at it.

–Maria Mitchell Association, Nantucket’s Science Center?

We booked more visits on the first day than we had ever booked before because the online calendar is always up to date. And, everyone appreciates that teachers now have the option to pay for their reservations online.

–Queens County Farm Museum

We definitely recommend Doubleknot’s solution to other museums.

–Duke Energy Children's Museum

The registration on our web site needed to be forward-thinking and easy for parents to use. We have that with Doubleknot.

–Children’s Discovery Museum of the Golden Crescent

I think Doubleknot is a great platform. I love that it works for both small and large organizations. As we grow, our solution will grow with us.

–Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse

Nature Centers and Botanical Gardens

We use Doubleknot to manage all of our attendance. It’s great for managing constituents because we can find out everything that a constituent has done in the past year.

–Indian Creek Nature Center

We liked the integration of being able to manage memberships, camp registrations, and donations in a single interface. Doubleknot had the features that we wanted at the right price.

–Chippewa Nature Center

Doubleknot had everything we needed for camps. It was an added bonus that we could use Doubleknot for our tours as well.

–Save the Bay

Scout Councils

When I worked at a smaller council, Doubleknot was invaluable. Now that I’m at a larger council, Doubleknot still delivers the same benefits. We love having everything online.

–Ernesto Caballo Jr., Scout Executive/CEO, Southeast Louisiana Council

Most of all, we wanted registration and reservations to be easy for our members. Once we narrowed it down, it was clear we wanted Doubleknot.

–Girl Scouts of North East Ohio

Doubleknot definitely fulfills a need. Each of our camps is unique, and we needed a solution with flexibility to handle all of the different requirements for each location.

–Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital

Doubleknot definitely reduces the steps involved in taking reservations and payments.

–Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey

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